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Family of Manuel Francis and Mary Leonora (Mascarenhas) D’Souza.

Taken at Lightning Studio, Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan. Around 1957.

Front row, l-r: Romeo Joseph D’Souza [1945 - ]
Manuel Francis D’Souza [1897 or 1899 - 1982]
Mary Anne Eugene D’Souza (D’Mello) [1954 - ]
Mary Leonora (Mascarenhas) D’Souza [1911 - 2001]
Michael Cyril D’Souza [1951 - ]
John Bosco D’Souza [1943 - ]

Back row, l-r: Thomas D’Souza [1937 - ]
Louisa Esmeralda D’Souza [1935 - 2017]
Hilary D’Souza [1939 - 1967]
Beatrice (Betty) D’Souza (D’Mello) [1932 - 1998]
Simon D’Souza [1933 - ]

This is the only photo of the entire family and the original is now at the Royal Ontario Museum. It was taken around the time the family moved into the apartment on Napier Street in the Saddar neighbourhood of Karachi which became the family home. 

The family called their parents “Pai” and “Mai”.

Most of the photographs in this collection date back about five decades. 

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The D'Souza family in June 1985 when Mai and Romeo visited Canada from home in Pakistan.

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